The virtual trip to Mexico

Hey! In nine days, we go to Mexico! Sort of.

Actually, I confess: we already went to Mexico. Last month. For sixteen days. We had a wonderful time. The place we stayed is over to the right there (my little free ad for the condo, because I enjoyed it so much). I blogged the whole time, but I post-dated all of the blog entries to post one month later. Why? Well, because, not everyone is honest and kind, and the blog is open to everyone, and I've posted pictures of my house, so... I didn't want the whole world knowing where I lived and the fact that I was out of the country. It didn't seem wise. Now, I think it's pretty cool that I post-dated the entries, because I can relive our trip and remember it fondly, starting February 19.

If you are reading about our trip, wondering Who is taking care of those chickens? The answer is: the chickens weren't hatched yet when we were in Mexico. We're already back, you see! And through the magic of Blogger, everything will post a month late (if I did it right).

We went to the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, to Cabo San Lucas, a small tourist town. Apparently, Jennifer Anniston copied us and came after we were there for a few days. That kind of stuff is always happening to us. She didn't catch a glimpse of us, though. We went incognito as a small Midwestern family of three, with a Pink Monkey.


  1. I do hope there are many pictures of the pink monkey enjoying a Mexican vacation :)

  2. That's real smart to go incognito but ... who is Jennifer Anniston?

  3. LOL. Seriously, Dad? The blond chic from "Friends".

    I guess she went in November. She must have heard we were planning our trip, and decided to one-up us.

    She's Brad Pitt's ex-girlfriend. I have this recurring dream where Brad Pitt wants me to be his girlfriend, but I don't like him.

    And, Christina, I didn't really include many pics of Pink Monkey, so here's a link to one:

    He did enjoy himself, I think;)

  4. I was worrying about the chickens. Hands up.