Family eating at a burrito joint.

Daddy: "They have their whole menu on the wrappers! Cool. We can study them for next time."

Num num num num...

Daddy: "What's 'lengua'?"

Mommy: "Lengua is tongue. They don't seriously have tongue on the menu?"

Daddy: "Yes. They do. What's 'rez'?"

Mommy: "I don't know. We should look it up later. I'm glad I got the bean burrito."


Mommy: "'Rez' is 'animal', so it's 'Animal Tongue.'"

Daddy: "Well, it's good to know they aren't serving people tongue. I mean, it's nice to know these things, isn't it?"

Mommy: "Indeed, it is."

* Don't worry about the chickens.

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  1. Lengua is actually quite tasty, believe it or not. Here, it's always cow. I'm surprised it didn't say "Lengua de vaca," cow's tongue; but maybe in Mexico it's not always cow.