Ye Ole House in Towne

We got an offer that we accepted on the house. Yay! They don't want to close the deal until April 16, though, so it's strangely anticlimactic at the moment. It will be more exciting on April 16. The house has only been on the market for a little over two months. How, you may wonder, did we do it, in this economy?

Home sellers take note:

1. Price the house at $50,000 less than what it's worth.

2. Take advice from the people who post comments on your blog.

3. Stage the house with many monkeys in diapers.

4. Make your real estate agent wear a Buck Dollars Hat for good luck at every open house and showing.

5. Magical thinking.

6. Be sure to list any features which might be especially appealing to a Madison, Wisconsin buyer.