Day Two In Mexico: Observations

* For every one Mexican in Cabo San Lucas, there are six Americans making complete asses of themselves.

(My husband, sweet man that he is, pointed out to me that these two guys in the picture are not really doing anything wrong. Yeah, well. Okay. They aren't. But it's the substitute teacher in me, looking for future troublemakers. And they are pretty photo worthy, whether up to anything or not. What a hat!)

* The intersection nearest our rented condo is a one- way stop, although it is a regular, + shaped crossing of two streets. There is only one stop sign. We can observe from our balcony as, repeatedly, four cars come to the intersection, one stops, and three others hastily slow down and narrowly avoid a collision.

* The one cross walk with a light (different intersection) has a picture of a running man (instead of our walking man in the US). The running man runs faster the longer the light has been green. (I found a video of it and embedded. The running man is more distinct in person. Watch until the end and notice how fast it goes!)

*This is a place of absolutely breathtaking natural beauty. Pictures will follow, although they may be marred slightly by all of the Americans making asses of themselves...

... or not.

* Don't worry about the chickens.


  1. That crosswalk sign is hilarious! We could use some of them here.

  2. The picture was of course taken for the pirate ship, you scalawag!