You got the money, honey, I got the drugs!

I went inside a pharmacy and asked, in my horrible Spanish,

“All of these drugs, do I need to talk to a doctor to buy these drugs?”

She stood in front of shelves and shelves of white bottles with labels.


“Yes, I need to talk to a doctor to buy?”

“No, no. No doctor. You just buy them.”

By the way, family and friends, I’m not going to buy them! I bought a drink. I was just curious. There’s an American hospital here, and if any of us gets the infamous Montezuma’s Revenge or anything else, the American hospital will be my source for all things pharmaceutical.

* Don't worry about the chickens.


  1. I want the soft dirks. Don't even try to do an intervention on my about the soft dirks, I'm not givin em up!!

  2. I meant "me". Obviously, I've had too many soft dirks tonight.

  3. After this entry, some guy tried to sell Brian marijuana. What the? Who would bother with an illegal drug when so much is legal?