*Footprints in the sand

Pelican prints on the nicely groomed beach.

* I don't know if I should admit this here, but "Footprints in the Sand" is probably my least favorite poem of all time.

** And please don't worry about the chickens.


  1. I love pelicans!

    Ps. I'm not worried about the chickens.

  2. I hate that poem, too. But I love pelicans. That is a cool picture!

  3. There was this guy who groomed the beach every morning by dragging a large cylindrical steel beam across it. Then everyone would just walk over it, throughout the day. This day, the pelican was the first footprint.

  4. A wonderful bird is the pelican,
    His mouth can hold more than his belly can,
    He can hold in his beak,
    Enough food for a week.
    I'm damned if I know how the hell he can!

    - D. L. Merritt