La Comida (warning: not for vegetarians)

We love Mexican food, the hotter the better. Even Little Z likes cheese quesadillas. But I think that, as a rule, if you are in a foreign land and you absolutely do not understand what is on the menu, don't order it! Brian ordered something and got this. Not so bad tasting, actually, but he was troubled that he had no idea what it was. It tasted strange. As in, like nothing he had ever imagined. It was a sandwich made of big chunks of of pickled gelatanous substance which he later, after much research, found out was

pickled cow's feet. The funny thing about it was, when he ordered it, the staff at the restaurant asked him if he was sure he wanted it, because the recipe contained this strange seasoning:

They actually gave him the leaf, which he tucked into his pocket. Thinking that was the weirdest part of it, he went ahead and ordered it.

We've had some good meals, too. Almost all of them, actually. Here I took a picture of an excellent omelete at walmart:

And this, which I did not purchase, is various sea creatures at the grocery store:

Everything here is served with beans. And the guacamole is absolutely to die for!

* All Mexico entries have weird dates.


  1. You went to eat at the Mexican Walmart? That was brave of you!
    On a somewhat related note, apparently Walmart has a reputation in China for being a high-end store, where well-to-do people shop. I find it amusing that here in the US most of the goods at Walmart come from China and it's considered the low end.

  2. It wasn't in Walmart. It was in the food court at the mall where Walmart was the main store. McDonald's was in Walmart. You could also buy full-size scooters and ATVs at Walmart. Awesome!

    I highly recommend it, the best tacos I've ever had! Excellent huevos rancheros also. Forget the name though so the recommendation only goes so far.

  3. I should look at the post I'm commenting on! The cow's hoof was consumed at the high end mall's food court. The food court itself was frequented by the locals so we knew it had to be good food.