Sweet Aunt Lou said that she hid the dolls, because "dolls freak people out." We found some in the attic, though they were of the more modern variety (twentieth century, anyway). Presumably the dolls were okay in the attic because Dennis (sometimes referred to here as "Duncle Ennis") was staying in the attic, and Dennis is never freaked out by anything.

The house seems like it ought to be haunted, but it isn't. I have a sense for such things. (You're allowed to laugh at that last bit, but to my slight embarrassment, I really do believe I have a sense for such things.)

Check out Chairy above the window, and Pee Wee Hermann off to the lower right. Bill Clinton is sitting next to Pee Wee Hermann. The upper left includes some of the Wild Things and Max, King of All Wild Things. Little Z did not want to play with the Wild Things. I don't know why.

I wonder if they ever made dolls of Sally and Herbert?


  1. I love the dolls! Could this place get any more perfect? Are you sure it's not haunted? Maybe the dolls come to life at night?

  2. Yes, they probably come to life at night. When we were asleep, I'm sure they were all awake, playing and plotting ways to murder us. Aunt Lou also has the creepier, old baby doll type of dolls, the kind that are super freaky. Those were all in a pile in a corner. I guess I should have taken a picture of that! You see, I wasn't thinking. My first thought should always be, "What photos will I need for my blog?" I'm sorry.

  3. As long as you have learned your lesson....