The Bee Chronicles: 1

Our happy bees:
(Yes, we belong to the Church of the Holy Duct Tape.)
We have bees. BAH started one hive last year and he was going to go deeper into it, if that went well. The first one went well. The hive survived the winter. Around here, that's the main thing.

The bees are really Bad Ass Husband's thing. I go along for the ride.

He spent all winter building bee hives, every weekend, experimenting with interesting designs. He ended up with four really beautiful bee hives that he created. He ordered four swarms from Watertown.

BAH, Little Z and I went and got them today. Just like last year, we drove for over an hour home with bees in the car. They come alive and buzzing in a cage box with the queen in her own little cage. I'm not sure how they get the bees into the boxes. When you go to pick them up, there are always bees outside of the boxes as well, who seem to feel some allegiance to the queen and the rest of the bees trapped inside. So, they tag along, too. Last year, with four or five bees hanging out in the back window of the station wagon, I thought it was a bit goofy and strange to drive an hour and a half home, toddler in the car seat. (Last year my last minute thought was, Holy cow! I hope Little Z is not allergic to bees! Since then, she has been stung, and she is not allergic. She actually did not make a big deal out of it at all when she was stung. When I get stung by a bee, I immediately think I will die. Not my child. My child is of tougher stuff.) Anyway, this time around, we had four boxes of bees in the back of the station wagon, all with their hitchhikers, and there were more than a few bees in the back window of the car. There were, like, thirty in the back window. It was bizarre. The buzz inside was splendid.

Little Z made her first pun that actually made sense. Want to hear it?

"These bees are bugging me!" (Said with a sly grin.)

To be continued...

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