The Bee Chronicles: 3

We left me spinning in circles with a bee ready to sting my eye, as I was pulling my sweatshirt off and moaning like a zombie. Little Z was asking about something. BAH was methodically continuing with putting the bees in hive number two.

I finally got the sweatshirt off of my head, without getting stung. I threw it into the grass. Phew! I went back to the hive in my shirt sleeves.

BAH for some reason didn't want my help for the last bit of that hive. He finished up on his own.

For the next box of bees to transfer, we were perhaps getting overconfident. At least, I blame what happened nexxt on being overconfident. I got Little Z to give me a bee hat to prevent being stung in the eye, and she decided to sit in the truck.

A bee hive, as you know, cannot survive without the queen. We quickly tried to open up the hive, take the cork out of the queen's cage, put the marshmallow in the hole to trap the queen again and stick her in the box. Well, so much for that! BAH pulled the cork out and I went to put the marshmallow in, "Quickly quickly quickly!" He yelled. But it was too late.

She flew away! The queen was free!

How did that happen? To be honest, we don't really know what we're doing. We are what you might kindly call, "learning."

"Catch her! Catch her!" he yelled. How do you catch a queen bee? She buzzed around us a bit. We waved our arms at her desperately.

Then she was gone.

To bee continued...

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