Technical Difficulties

It is sad but true that one cannot use a computer for over eight years now without encountering major problems. I have always had a soft spot for old things. The only thing that works on my computer is iPhoto- which is ironic, because yesterday, I began the process of trying to fix it because iPhoto simply disappeared. (How does an application disappear?) In some last ditch effort, BAH is going to install Linux on my iBook G4 from 2004, and see if I can use it still. I'm typing on his computer. Linux is this operating system mainly for people who are really good at fooling around with computers. It's like the Do-It-Yourself operating system. Oh, my.


  1. Look for iPhoto in a new Finder window. Click Applications in the left margin. It should be there.

  2. Dad, I know. It wasn't there. It wasn't anywhere. It was mysterious. My in home tech support could not find it, either.

    Anyway, here I am on Linux. It's pretty cool, actually! The past two minutes have been fantastic. (That's as long as I have been on line again.)

  3. It's Ubuntu Linux. It is much more user friendly than I thought it would be. So, technically, I'm still working with an eight year old computer! Hurray!