The Upside and Downside of Being too Beautiful

The photo is of Samantha Brick, who recently came under fire for her article here about the downside to being beautiful. She mostly explains that she has been treated very well by men and very poorly by women for much of her life, due to her tremendously awesome good looks. She says she has had trouble at work with a female boss, she says men randomly give her free train tickets and bottles of champagne, and she says that the ultimate snub was when none of her girlfriends ever made her a bridesmaid.

I, too, have had men give me handouts occasionally, but I just questioned my wardrobe selections. I assumed I looked destitute, in need of a handout.

I've had trouble with female bosses, too, and I always thought it was either just because I hadn't done a good job or because the bosses were jerks.

I haven't been a bridesmaid to any of my friends- only to relatives, and the last time was when I was eleven years old. I never really thought about this before.

I am too beautiful!

I'm so glad it wasn't my personality.

* I guess it's a fairly well known fact that the average Mindless Minion reader is almost unbearably good looking, and so I know that you, too, will feel my pain.

** Although, honestly, I do feel her pain in some strange way. I think she doesn't understand, herself, what she is complaining about. She's complaining about the sexist double standard and how she doesn't really want to be valued solely for her good looks. She doesn't want to be complicit in making other women feel badly about themselves, nor does she wish to take abuse from jealous women. (At least, I think that's what she's complaining about.)


  1. I think the reason other women don't like her is that she thinks she is more beautiful than other women (she really is rather ordinary looking) and lets them know it in vanity news pieces. I can easily imagine how insufferable she must be in real life. I found her article to be much more offensive than the Gunslinger Sex Education series.

  2. I think I dislike something about her that is very much like myself. I also think she's comical in her misconceptions and her ability to outrage.

    There's nothing really offensive about the Gunslinger Sex Education series!