This one is for the ladies

I look at this blog of pictures, If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger There'd be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats. Or, something like that.

It's a blog of famous people pictures.

I love it, except that for all of the pictures labeled, "Sex Education," they have sexy pictures of women. Except for one. For one picture, they have David Duchovny naked. I won't link to that one. Not that he looked so awful, but, you know. David.

I'm on this feminist kick. Darn it, why only sexy women? (The women are, mostly, not naked, but simply wearing clingy attire or (rarely) topless.)

Enough of that!

Here's Ewan McGregor. Happy Easter!


  1. Gunslinger was a "boys club" for many years, it has a little more balance now. I don't like the model (i.e.,Playboy) shots, but the film celebrities show an essential part of what made that woman's career. Ties in with your "beauty privilege" post in an indirect way.

  2. I still like it a lot. I just feel like it could use some balance, as you said. I like their pictures of celebrities in places you wouldn't expect them.

  3. I go back with Tom and Gunslinger right to the very beginning (2004), so I may be biased however I will agree that many (too many) of the "Sex Education" series are simply prurient. But the most successful (#166 being the most recent) show the woman within is just as beautiful as the body she inhabits. One commenter on #166 likened that portrayal of Raquel Welch to a religious experience. I would concur.