Regarding the Origins of Jacob Sheep

According to Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep, by Paula Simmons & Carol Ekarius, "The First Recognized Breeding Program- Jacob sheep get their name from the book of Genesis, where it is recorded that Jacob's father-in-law paid Jacob for his labors with all the spotted and speckled sheep in his flock. Then, in a dream, God told Jacob to use only spotted rams, creating a spotted flock that all became Jacob's. Although the origin of modern Jacob sheep is unknown, this small sheep with random spots all over its body is known to have been bred in England for at least 350 years. One of its most unusual characteristics is that it often sports up to six horns, but four is more common. It is thought that parks and zoos were the first to import these sheep into North America in the early 1900's."
These two guys were butting heads when we went visiting today. The sound was a hearty, "clunk". I like how they look almost medieval.

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