Somewhere in the south, on a warm sunny day, we were talking about this and that and my father admitted to photoshopping his Facebook picture.

"Well, you didn't think I really looked that good, did you?"

"What??!!! I've been exercising and dieting and what all and you're telling me all I had to do was use the Photoshop????!!!"

I was shocked. Dad has never been the type to fuss over his looks.

I double checked his Facebook photo later. He does look good. I remember when I first saw that picture, how great I thought it was of him.

It's all a sham!

We took a family portrait at the house. Later on, I was downloading it to be printed at the store. At the last second, I used the "retouch" tool in iPhoto and evened up my dad's skin tone. [I wouldn't want to be inconsistent, after all.] Then I minimized my double chin. [Why not?]

And then I sent it to be developed.

The picture of the diner scene up top was taken by Little Z. As far as I know, it is untouched.

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