The Bee Chronicles: 4

This is not a picture of us:

Losing the queen was, to say the least, very demotivational. But, we carried on, if only for the sake of Mr. Kitty and the turkeys.

The last bee hive, it started raining. Right in the middle of us doing what we needed to do. It was also very windy. As you probably know, if bees get wet, they die. (You didn't know that? Really? It's true. When their wings get wet, they can't fly. Theoretically, that would be okay, but then if they get too wet, they catch a chill and die. You can really use them to predict the weather. They never go out if it is going to rain. They also get really crabby if it rains for a whole bunch of days in a row, because they want to be busy, you see. They are bees and bees have to stay busy! But they can't go out because it is raining! This upsets them greatly.)

So, because it was raining, and we had the bee hive open, putting the bees into it, I had to hold an umbrella over the whole operation while BAH did the queen thing himself, and put the bees in himself. The queen did not fly away this time.

In the truck again, we reflected:

1. At least we didn't get stung.
2. Maybe the queen would come back.
3. Maybe we could find a new queen somewhere?
4. We got three out of four hives going, so that was at least a 75% success rate, which is like a grade of a C in school.
5. In some ways, our grading system in school is way too lenient. In "the real world," if you mess up 25% of something, it's a really big deal.
6. On second thought, we gave ourselves a B-, because we were planning on finding a new queen. Really, if we did find a new queen, that would be like Extra Credit work, and we could actually bump ourselves up to an A, or even and A+ for awesome problem solving.
7. And, after all, nobody got stung!

But was it really possible to locate a new queen, right away before all of the bees flew away?

To bee continued...

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