It all went off without any real hitches- or, rather, about a dozen hurdles were thrown in our path, but nothing dissuaded us. In short, we bought the farm, and we're still alive!

My favorite room, although I wouldn't actually want to spend time there, is the root cellar. When we looked at the house, it was full of onions the size of melons, and jars and jars of preserves. Now it's waiting to see what we bring:

And every farm needs that back door with the rickety painted wood stairs and the coat hooks:

Although I didn't catch it on film- I ran and got Little Z to show her, first- there was still one hummingbird today, a late traveller. This is the view from the dining room:

The sellers called this, "The Machine Building," but we have no machines in it, so it is currently unnamed. Any ideas, Minions?

I got sick to my stomach late last night. It was almost like I was a kid again who had too much excitement.

Now we begin the tedious task of moving. I'm sure it's worth it, though! I feel as though I have gotten away with a crime, almost, to live in such a place.


  1. is it okay that I'm just a touch jealous? It looks so very wonderful.
    I think the 'machine building" should be renamed 'the troll closet' or something like it - the fairy shed? the troll's apartment?

  2. Congratulations. Are you gonna sell your house in town (Bodhisatva), or rent it out?

    The outbuilding reminds me of Bill Rudolph's steel guitar workshop in Minneapolis. Remember?

  3. I think you should grow pot in there. Think of the revenue it would bring! I mean, it is a farm.

  4. I agree with Lou. Also, it would guarantee that your relatives would come to visit.

  5. I think you should name the machine building "Gordon."

  6. CailinMarie, it is totally okay to be jealous. I think I am a touch jealous, myself.

    Dad, I do not understand the reference to Bodhisatva- I have not taken the vow or anything- but we are going to sell the house in town. The outbuilding totally reminds me of Bill's workshop!

    GVH: Oh, yes, so exciting!

    We're not going to freakin' grow pot in there for you, Lou! Dream on! But I hope you'll visit, anyway. And I hope to make lots of money, somehow.

    Rose: Thanks!

    Gina: I love the name Gordon. But Brian wanted to continue calling it the Machine Building, even though we were going to have only organic things in it, no machines. So now we have tentatively decided to call it, "The organic machine shop"- which totally sounds like we're growing pot in there, but we're not, in spite of my hippie ancestry!

  7. I think we'll probably have a tractor, a Mazda Miata, a Ford Ranger, and whatnot out there so it'll be having machines there. Honestly not sure about the organic things either, science is good too. But whatever - its an organic Miata for sure.

  8. Is the cloth top on the Miata made of an organic wool/ nylon blend, Love?

  9. Yep, jealousy, I'm feeling it. I would LOVE a machine building even though it would probably become my husband's music studio/wood shop. And I'd name it Gregory.