Friday Farm Functionals: Barn Mural and a Name for the Farm

Everywhere I go around here, I see decorative barns.

These ones aren't the actual- when we're done moving and settling in, perhaps I'll get around to taking pictures of the ones I've seen. My favorite has a half-rusted roof made of red, white, and blue sheet metal, with some stars. Such a piece of Americana.

Our barn (aka the Organic Machine House) is white.

Perhaps we should paint our roof in a Swedish flag and name the farm, "Not Quite Sweden". Or... or... or...?


  1. You should paint it like the Yellow Submarine, and name the farm "Mystery Trip".
    I like the Sweden idea too.

  2. if i had a barn, i would paint one whole side of it rainbow colors. just fyi.

    and though this is completely random, if i had a whole FARM, i would have a hard time not referring to it as "green acres." and humming the theme song on my way home each day.

    "faaaarm livin' is the life for me!"

  3. Paint the barn pink. Barbie play farm!

    Or... Paint the barn with a giant seagull on it. It's a good look. Very 'now'.

  4. I think you should name the farm "My Domain." Then you could say things like, "I have to go home to My Domain." Or when people come over, you can say cheerfully, "Welcome to My Domain!"

  5. There's a little place out in Westcliff, Colorado called "Hell's Half Acre". That one has always stuck in my mind.

    I like all of your farm names. The thing is, I think you all should get farms and name them that. I can totally picture my dad living at "Mystery Trip" and One-Pot Wonder living at "Green Acres". (That song goes through my head a lot, too.) And Gina would be going home to "My Domain". (I think that would get confusing for other people. You would have a party, and some people would be leaving work,
    "Where are you going?"
    "My domain."
    "OH, just going home, then?"
    "No, no, The Farm called "My Domain."
    "Oh, Right.")

    Glory's farm would not have an official name, but it would be referred to as, "The Pink Farm," sort of like that Beatles' album without a name is referred to as, "The White Album."

    The old sign just had the names of the people, which was nice. But I wonder if a real farm name is better?