Friday Farm Functionals: Flannel Lined Pants

"Avoid ventures which require purchasing new clothing." -Henry David Thoreau

Not that we really need new clothing, mind you. We want new clothing. So, we needn't avoid our venture- but maybe we should avoid the new clothing? I don't know. It's so nice.

Little Z has two pairs of fleece lined pants that her Grandma Kathleen got for her. She wears them a lot. They look so darned comfy! So, when Lands End catalogue came to our new house (first mail! yay!), and it had flannel lined denim pants for him and her, well, you know. We've just got to have them! I mean, we live in Wisconsin, we go outside. It just follows that we need them, right?

The mail catalogue had options for an elastic waste band and stretch or traditional fabric. I'm not an elastic girl, myself, but I appreciate the option. Truthfully, though, I probably won't get them. I never spend more than $20 on pants, simply because I always find the best ones at thrift stores for around $5.

That's where I got my old wool pants. I used to have some wool pants that I wore snowshoeing. Those were the best, warmest pants ever. I got rid of them after I lived in sunny Pueblo too long. I regret it. They were a bit too tight, too, but I've lost weight since then. Darn. I could still be wearing them!

This is the dilemma of stuff, isn't it? Whenever I move, or just randomly, I decide I have too much stuff, and I get rid of stuff- but then, sometimes, I miss the stuff, you know?

Should we get pants? Vote!


  1. I saw an ad for flannel-lined pants just this weekend! I thought they looked comfy, too, but I could not imagine myself ever wearing them.

    I'd SO buy them for a little munchkin, though.

  2. I think I don't have enough information to vote. Are you still living near the city? (that would be Madison, I guess?) If so, thrift shops are plentiful. If it's a trek, then Lands End wins. When we lived in Iowa the shopping options were: 1) thrift shop 2) Sears 3) shortly before we moved, Le Targét. The only real shopping options were mailorder.
    Wouldn't you know. We've left (25 years now), there's shopping in Iowa, and online options are, well, overwhelming!
    And no, I never exaggerate.
    BTW, I feel, when I participate in your blog discussions, that I have dropped in to family dinner. Uninvited, but welcome, I hope ;-)

  3. You gotta have warm pants. You're in Wisconsin. Heck, I'm in California and I need warm pants. I can't imagine winter in Wisconsin without warm pants.

  4. (Consults 'W-W-Joan-D' bracelet).

    Joan Collins wouldn't approve. But I say so long as you don't get Burberry check, go for it,

  5. YES!!! Those are way cute. I want some too!

  6. Roses- Yeah, but you have style (obvious from your photo). See, I don't, so I'm perfectly happy dressing like a kid!

    Rose- We still live 25 miles from excellent thrift stores. I love that you participate in these random discussions about trivial matters.

    b0b- Thanks for looking out for me! As always.

    Holly- Enthusiasm! I always enjoy enthusiasm.

    Glory von Hathor- Joan Collins? Wow. That's quite the unusual decision making process. I'll have to get in on that sometime.

    One-Pot Wonder- Christmas is coming... you know who to ask! (Your mom. She'll find a great deal on them.)

  7. My first choice for the Well Dressed Farm Couple would naturally be flannel lined bib overalls. However, as you are a modern farm couple, I suppose flannel lined dungarees will do nicely.

    I vote yes. Especially since I was in Faribault, MN last week. It was cold as a _________. (Having lived in the South for as long as I have, I no longer remember how to finish that sentence. We only know "hot as Hades" here.). It snowed twice while I was there. You need flannel lined everything!

  8. Pants, definitely, yeah. PANTS!