Friday Farm Functionals: Trolls Revisited

I didn't have as much disposable income as I would like (though I know that none of my readers can relate to that). So, to satisfy my troll cravings, I ended up buying two little garden gnomes on ebay. They are really adorable. I'm having a very difficult time figuring out where the camera batteries are stashed in the new house, so I'll just have to describe them as quite adorable, five inches tall, and very beardy. The one, whom I have named, "Suspicious Dude," is smiling really big, but also looking sideways at the other, adorably unaffected garden gnome.

Someday, my giant troll will come

*10/31 edit: got a picture!


  1. Farm alert! Farm alert! Shoshanah needs trolls. The bridge is out!

  2. so the google ads on your page had garden trolls and I clicked:
    and they are having quite the sale if you are adding to the collection any time soon