Other People's Stories, Part 5 of ?: "Cocaine"

My Dad, unlike most hippies, leads a second life as a successful country and western musician.* He plays steel guitar.

Years ago, probably in the late 1980's or early 1990's, he played a gig at a high school prom. The band he was with was a country band, but everyone in it could play all sorts of music, so when the kids at the prom didn't seem so into the country, they switched over to rock. The high school principal had chosen a country band in order to keep things under control, so it was not much to the principal's liking when the band veered off into that wild rock n' roll territory. Things really came to a head when the band played the old Eric Clapton hit, "Cocaine." They completely rocked the house. By the end of the song, the entire junior and senior high school class was screaming, "She's all right, she's all right, she's all right, COCAINE!"

They were never invited back.

*And he's probably lost fifty pounds since that picture on his web page was taken. Get a new picture, Dad!

Later Edit: See b0b's comments here for the real story.


  1. Actually, it wasn't a prom. It was Seniors Day at Healdsburg High.

  2. Nice one. My dad was a drummer but I'm not aware of him having scandalised a seniors day.

    I'm liking the sound of 5 of '?'

  3. Since it's my story, I guess I'm entitle to make a few more comments. "Cocaine" was just one of many rock tunes we covered on most of our gigs. Fred Campbell was our Clapton guy. The lyrics are "She don't lie" not "She's all right". I don't think the faculty noticed it until the ending, where the band stops and the crowd yells the last "COCAINE". Oops.

    I've lost about 30 pounds, not 50, since that picture on my web page was taken (probably 10 years ago). I still like the picture, though. Why don't you tell Eric Clapton to get a new YouTube clip instead?

  4. Sorry I got so many details wrong. Thanks for clearing those up!

    Eric Clapton never answers my calls! (It's probably because I murder his lyrics in flippant blog posts.)

    If you like the picture, fine, keep it, what do I care? But I found another flaw with it: it has no wood panelling.