More Possible Farm Names- some serious, some silly

Immobile Valley [Started out as "Wandering Valley," but TLBP said, "It's not going anywhere."]

Hidden Valley Ranch [A true description of the place but, sadly, I believe I have heard that name before.]

Land of Lilliput

Robot Ranch

The Old Sutter Place [This is its true name, at the moment, as in, "you bought the old Sutter place, didn't you?" and "This is the old Sutter place, isn't it?]

Pueblo East [But it's not actually a town.]

Angry Acres

Sprouting Acres II (not affiliated with Sprouting Acres)


Blind Bend

Mediocre Meadows

Mucky Meadows [another accurate description]

Dead Beetle Valley [still another accurate description]

Mine [Little Z's contribution]

Helmet Helm

Vila Lite

At this point in the evening, I started reading Shel Silverstein's A Light in the Attic, which I noticed was actually dedicated to me- this may have influenced a few names-

Hiccup Farm

Whatif Farm

Endless Songs

Strange Wind [I can hear the flatulence jokes already]


Wild Barbazzoop

Moon Catch

Feel free to add to the list!


  1. Beachview Manor, yeah I know.

  2. I have a friend whose house is called The Hobbit.

    You could call is Sutterdown.

  3. Evee's suggestion is The Farm.

  4. Well, we do have a little swamp, at times, or as the PC call it, "Wetlands." Beachview Manor is still a stretch.

    Sutterdown is pretty cool. The Sutters might like it- or not. (They still own quite a bit of land around us.) I wonder, Glory, do most Brits name their houses? Or is it mostly just the famous ones who do that?

    I have to admit, Evee's suggestion is my favorite. Second is Gina's, third is my dad's, although I think he should use it as the title of his biography.

    Crap. We're never going to name this place anything. I can tell.

  5. It's all that the English can do to restrain themselves from all calling their domain The Castle.

    Or Brideshead.

  6. Not my creation, but I've always liked BackAcres.

  7. I am all up on Robot Ranch. Especially if you happen to be building an army of metal minions in the machine building :)