I've recently figured out (like, in the past two years) that I don't see grays and browns like other people do. I seem to be gray/ brown color blind, if you will.

It makes me kind of wonder, what else don't I see the same as other people?

And then I came across this XKCD comic, which says exactly what I was thinking:

(Click to make it BIG.)

Which, if you think about it a little bit too much, actually illustrates exactly the opposite of my point, because if someone else out there was thinking the exact same thing about the world as I was, then maybe I really don't see the world all that differently.

And I thought, for just a moment there, that I was so special. (sigh)


  1. Oh God, that scene from Little Miss Sunshine where he discovers what being colour blind means for him...

    CD, you are a social constructionist! I knew it.

  2. I loved that movie. They seemed so very normal.