Friday Farm Functionals: A Troll

When I lived in Sweden for a year when I was seventeen, my host father there was a lumberjack. When he drank a lot of vodka- which was, admittedly, fairly often- he liked to tell stories about trolls and fairies whom he met in the forest, during his wanderings. Sometimes, when he took me out skiing in the forest, he would suddenly point to a tree trunk and say, "Did you see it? Ah, you were too slow."

Although a troll really isn't that functional on a farm, I think there are things you have only because they bring you joy. And the area is full of them, too. It's one of those things where, when in Rome, have trolls. I don't want a big troll per se. Maybe just a little one to guard the door. A local lady makes them for around $90. I suppose that's $90 that could be spent on much more important things, but then, that doesn't change the fact that I want a troll, now does it?

By the way, today is the day we actually buy the farm, if all goes according to plan. Cross your fingers!


  1. I wish I knew when I was going to buy the farm! (the thousanth time you have heard that joke.) Congratulations!

  2. Thanks. I know when you're going to buy the farm, but I'm not telling.

  3. I didn't realize you were going to move into troll country. Are you near the Mustard Museum?

  4. Oh, I can see a future phobia for Little Z if you get the wrong trollnament. Big decision to be made.

    Try to get one that doesn't look like it comes to life at night and eats children.

  5. Yes, Gina, we are very close to the Mustard Museum!

    Glory, I will try to find a really cute, non-threatening troll. And I will only mention that it eats children when she's really, really naughty.